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McKonly & Asbury Team Member’s Retirement: Lisa Holland’s Legacy

After 18.5 years of working at McKonly & Asbury, Executive Assistant & Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Manager Lisa Holland has announced her retirement as a full-time employee. Our team is grateful for the many years shared with Lisa and is even more thankful that she will be returning to us later this year to work part-time. In honor of her last full day today, we wanted to offer a glimpse into Lisa’s career at McKonly & Asbury and the legacy she’s leaving behind; to do so, we went straight to the source herself!

The Start of It All

Lisa started her career at McKonly & Asbury on December 19, 2005, after connecting with one of our Partners at the time through her previous employer’s annual audits. What started as a request for the Partner to be a reference for Lisa turned into an interview with current Partner Gary Dubas and ended with Lisa working for and with Gary ever since.

“Why am I still here? Gary and the rest of the great people here, of course!”

Friendships in the Firm

Speaking of Gary Dubas, when asked who her longest friendship at the firm has been with, Gary was on the list, but Lisa said she doesn’t have just one. Eric Blocher, Karen Sheetz-Mumma, Elizabeth Harriger, Elaine Nissley, and Nicole Krepps were all working at the firm when Lisa was hired, and they’re all still friends to this day!

“There are many others who have joined the firm over the years that are near and dear to me, but these are my longest friendships here at M&A.”

The Times are Changing

When Lisa started back in 2005, she was an Administrative Assistant that supported one Partner and one to two Principals. She also manned the front desk for over ten years, which allowed her to get to know “many of our wonderful clients.”  Eventually, Lisa’s job evolved into supporting seven Partners and Principals as the Executive Assistant, as well as taking on the role of the firm’s CPE Manager.

“Due to my long tenure here, I have a lot of historical information and knowledge rolling around in my head, so others will come to me for help in finding answers.”

As Lisa’s job changed over the years, her biggest motivator throughout was the feeling that she had made a difference in someone’s life, as well as feeling personally connected with her coworkers.

Lessons Learned at M&A

As someone whose role has changed over the years, and someone who would have had the chance to experience any transformations within the firm between different decades, we asked Lisa how she would describe McKonly & Asbury’s culture.

“Incredibly different than so many other places! Everyone truly cares about each other and wants to see everyone do well and succeed. It’s not just about the work side of life, either. They want you to have and enjoy a rich personal life, too. M&A truly wants to see everyone thrive – employees, clients, and the communities where we work and live. Our core values aren’t just words – they mean something here.”

We also asked Lisa for a piece of advice she would give her younger self or to someone just starting their career. Her advice is to remember that one’s personal life is just as important as one’s work life.

Lisa’s Favorites

Lisa’s advice features the major aspect of her favorite core value: Keep Perspective. Keep Perspective emphasizes the fact that work is just one aspect of what defines us as individuals.

“Keeping perspective is understanding who I am in all aspects of my life. I am so many things – a sister, friend, cat mom, aunt, jigsaw puzzle enthusiast, book lover, and so on. Keeping perspective helps you to balance your time, attention, and energy. We all need to make time to do things that we are passionate about and that help us to recharge.”

As far as her favorite memory, Lisa couldn’t pick just one, so here are some that made her list…

  • The many team building events (like the scavenger hunt where she met the Lt. Governor)
  • The new babies she got to meet and hold
  • The many office celebrations (like the Hawaiian themed party in Gary’s office after one busy season)
  • The humor and laughs shared with coworkers (like from accessorizing “Flat Jim”)
  • The dinners, drinks, and conversations had (like at the closed restaurant where the wait staff starts vacuuming under the group’s table – time to go home!)

Career Highlights and Takeaways

When asked what accomplishment she is most proud of after 18 plus years here, Lisa’s response was her friendships.

“Friendships feed your heart and soul and I cherish each one of the friends I have made here. While I am proud of the work that I have done over the many years I have been at M&A, when I look back, it’s the people that stand out.”

Lisa’s friendships extend far and wide throughout the firm, and she has undoubtedly made an impact on everyone she met. So, what is she most known for around the office? Every day Lisa has a new pin on her shirt, and her collection extends from Kilroy in a bathtub to a sparkly and colorful red dragon. Her love of pins is equally matched by her love of shoes, which is well known in the office, as well.

Pins and shoe collections aside, Lisa shared, “But, most of all, I hope that I am known for my kindness.” She is.

The Retired Life

After retiring today, Lisa is looking forward to having some down time before starting her next chapter. Once she finishes relaxing and enjoying some time off since joining the workforce at 16 years old, Lisa hopes to do some traveling.

“Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.” – Fred Rogers

A Message from Lisa

Thank you for making this a great place to be. You have been a strong influence in my life, and I have been inspired to try to be my best self every day. Continue to help, support, and encourage each other the way you have with me. It’s this team’s greatest strength. As Maya Angelou said, “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” I have loved working with you and look forward to continuing to do so on a part-time basis when I come back in August. CELEBRATE AND ELEVATE!

About the Author

Lisa Holland

Lisa joined McKonly & Asbury in 2005 and is currently an Executive Assistant and CPE Manager.

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