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Pennsylvania has a strong tradition of manufacturing and distribution, with many home-grown companies having expanded to multi-state and international operations. We have been assisting manufacturing and distribution companies since we founded our firm four decades ago. We have helped companies grow from start-up to global facilities with hundreds of millions in revenue. We are more than just an accounting firm to our manufacturing and distribution clients. We are their business partners.

We know today’s manufacturing and distribution climate requires an in-depth knowledge of the world economy, a focus on information systems and internal controls, and a mindset that emphasizes LEAN operations without compromising quality. From understanding and experience with enterprise management systems such as JD Edwards and SAP, to philosophical approaches to quality management utilizing LEAN and Six Sigma, we are helping leaders in the manufacturing and distribution industry to compete and win in one of the most challenging industries of the 21st Century.

Our team of professionals provides accounting, tax, and consulting services to clients with facilities and operations around the globe. We are helping companies open new markets for their products, prepare for overseas competition, improve internal operations, and identify strategic candidates for acquisition.


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