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External Quality Assessment

Elevate Your Internal Audit Function

External Quality Assessments (EQAs) provide an independent assessment that evaluates the conformance of an internal audit department with the International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) and practices established by the Institute of Internal Auditors (The IIA). EQA enhances credibility, improves audit quality, promotes professional development, and ensures alignment with standards and best practices.  These ultimately contribute to the department’s ability to provide valuable assurance and advisory services to the organization.

More importantly, EQAs build stakeholder trust and confidence by showcasing your commitment to quality, transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement. By validating and optimizing your internal audit function, you reassure investors, regulators, and customers of your commitment to robust governance, effective risk management, and stringent compliance. Additionally, EQAs elevate the profile of your internal audit activity within your organization, providing clear evidence to the board, audit committee, senior management, and staff that the operation of your internal audit department meet the highest standards.

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EQA Solutions

Our EQA team is ready to help you improve the readiness of your internal audit function, ensuring that your internal audit practices remain effective and efficient. Our service offerings include:

  • Full scope assessments
  • Self-Assessment with Independent Validation (SAIV)

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