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Camp Hill CPA

Camp Hill CPA Firm

Our Camp Hill CPA office is conveniently located outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with easy access to Routes 581 and 83.

Contact Information

McKonly & Asbury
415 Fallowfield Road
Camp Hill, PA 17011

Phone: 717.761.7910
Fax:  717.737.2067

For directions, use the interactive map feature below.

About Camp Hill (PA)

Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, is a small but vibrant community that is a prominent example of suburban economic development and collaboration in the greater Harrisburg metropolitan area. The business landscape in Camp Hill is characterized by a harmonious blend of small businesses, retail chains, healthcare providers, and professional services, each contributing to the town’s prosperity and community spirit.

Its strong retail sector is at the heart of Camp Hill’s economic vitality. The town is home to a variety of shopping destinations, including the Capital City Mall, boutique shops, and unique local businesses that cater to the community’s diverse needs and attract visitors from neighboring areas. This retail mix supports the local economy and enhances the town’s appeal as a shopping and leisure destination.

Healthcare and professional services are another cornerstone of Camp Hill’s business community. With several major healthcare facilities and many medical practices, the town has become a regional healthcare hub, offering a wide range of services and contributing significantly to the local economy. Similarly, professional services in areas such as law, finance, and consulting thrive in Camp Hill, benefiting from the town’s strategic location and proximity to Pennsylvania’s capital, Harrisburg.

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