Core Values

McKonly & Asbury’s Core Values provide the foundation for our culture and uniquely represent who we are, define how we conduct ourselves, and portray how we interact with our colleagues and clients.

These Core Values personify the type of employees that we look for when we recruit, as well as what we should strive for as we advance in our careers.

How Can I?         

  • Seek solutions and initiate improvement. Be part of the answer.
  • Find a way to make a difference.
  • Embrace our power to influence change.


We, Not Me

  • The success of others comes before the individual.
  • We embrace an ‘entire firm’ mentality.
  • Wins are firm wins. Losses are firm losses.
  • Act for the greater good of the team and firm.


Take Initiative

  • Exhibit individual initiative in a team environment.
  • Be inventive and resourceful- advance what is in our control.
  • Get things done.
  • Recognize the need to act and accept that failure is a possibility.


Keep Perspective

  • Work is just one aspect of what defines us.
  • Success comes through a balanced distribution of time and energy.
  • Roadblocks do not overshadow the good things.
  • Progress, not perfection.

These Core Values are at the heart of our approach to our team and our clients. If you are interested in joining our team, please review our current openings.