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Mission Statement & Core Values

Mission Statement

Our Vision: Helping Others Thrive

Our core vision statement, Helping Others Thrive, illustrates the principles McKonly & Asbury was founded on. You can see it and feel it in how we connect with our colleagues, serve our clients, and give back to the communities where we work and live.

To live out this core vision every day, McKonly & Asbury knows only one definition of Thrive matters: yours. We dedicate the time it takes to understand what thriving means to you as a sign of our commitment to building relationships that endure.

Our Core Values directly support McKonly & Asbury’s commitment to Helping Others Thrive. Lived out in all areas of our firm, they create a solid foundation for individual and collective success. We lead with our Core Values because the strongest, most effective, most enduring relationships happen when people and organizations are culturally aligned.

Core Values

Our mission and core values are shared principles and codes of conduct embodied in everything we do, everyone we hire, and everyone we work with.

That’s rare. That’s special. That’s why McKonly & Asbury.

How Can I? 

  • Be part of the answer. Seek solutions and paths to improvement.
  • Think creatively and find ways to make a difference.
  • Embrace your power to influence change.

We, Not Me

  • Put the success of clients and the team before the individual.
  • Embrace a collective and collaborative mentality.
  • Wins are firm wins. Losses are firm Losses.
  • Celebrate successes.
  • Act for the greater good of the team, clients, and the firm.

Take Initiative

  • Show individual initiative in a team environment.
  • Be inventive and resourceful.
  • Recognize the need to act.
  • Get things done.
  • Learn and grow from mistakes and failures

Keep Perspective

  • Realize that work is just one aspect of what defines us.
  • Embrace that success comes through a balanced distribution of time and energy.
  • Don’t let roadblocks overshadow opportunities.
  • Strive for progress, not perfection.

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