Back Office Accounting & Bookkeeping

Tax Compliance, Preparation, and Planning

The seamless transition from back-office accounting to annual tax compliance and planning is unmatched. Our team assists with the preparation of personal quarterly tax estimates and annual 1099 compliance, in addition to access to our full service tax team. Our tax team has the expertise to not only complete customary annual tax return preparation, but we are equipped for multi-state tax returns as well. We have the ability to handle sales and use tax compliance in addition to state nexus issues. We work hard to ensure the year-end switch from back-office accounting to return preparation flows with ease.

General Ledger Management

Maintenance of an accurate and up-to-date general ledger is the life blood of generating and preparing accurate and timely financial information. Our process includes a monthly reconciliation and review of key general ledger accounts, as well as providing and implementing all recommended changes to ledger accounts.

Cash Reconciliations and Cash Management Functions

Monthly, weekly, or daily (depending upon the need of the business); our professionals will provide accurate reconciliations of cash and updated cash flow forecasts and analysis to ensure that your business is operating with appropriate levels of cash flow and cash needs.

Accounts Receivable Management

Monthly, weekly, or daily (depending upon the need of the business); our professionals will track, manage, and handle all accounts receivable needs. From processing payments, to cash deposits and cash collection, we will handle all your accounts receivable needs.

Accounts Payable and Disbursement Management

Monthly, weekly, or daily (depending upon the need of the business); our professionals will handle all accounts payable items. From vendor payment to application of invoices and payables management, we will handle all your accounts payable and disbursement needs.

Fixed Asset Management

Maintenance and accurate reflection of all fixed assets within your business is vital, not only for financial statement purposes but for tax purposes. Differences in depreciable lives and deductibility for Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and tax can make for headaches and overall mismanagement of assets. Let our team of professionals manage depreciation expense and accumulated depreciation of your business assets for both financial statement and tax purposes.

Financial Statements and Financial Performance Indicators

Our team of professionals will provide a complete monthly financial package generated from your accounting system. This financial package will include balance sheet(s), income statement(s), and other performance related management ratios and analysis.

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