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Mastering the Meet: A Student’s Guide to Navigating College Recruiting Events

As the spring college recruiting season comes to a close, attention shifts to the upcoming fall semester as college campuses prepare to welcome students back in August and September. Hopefully, accounting students will be excited for the “Meet the Firms” events sponsored by their educational institutions, which generally take place in September and October.

As the Director of Talent Acquisition & Retention at McKonly & Asbury, I have been a regular attendee at these events over the past year and noticed some areas where our students could use some insight. As such, below is some information to help students better prepare, attend, and follow up from these events.

Prepare for the Event

Preparation for the event is crucial. Students are advised to have an updated resume on-hand, including essential details like their name, address (including off-campus residence), phone number, and a link to their LinkedIn profile. Additionally, a resume should showcase work history, college/university they are attending along with current GPA and major, clubs or extracurricular activities. It is also a great idea to include how many accounting credits the student will graduate with. Students should dress appropriately (leave slippers and pajamas at home); make sure their LinkedIn profile has been created and is up to date; research the employers they are interested in; and apply to open positions of interest.

Attending the Event

Several tips will help students have a successful experience at a campus recruitment event. Students should have a physical resume to share with potential employers. When they approach an employer, students should make eye contact, shake hands, and introduce themselves with a smile. They should offer the recruiter their resume and be prepared to discuss career aspirations and goals. It is a good idea to have questions prepared to ask the recruiter as well. Please avoid saying they “want to spend a few years in public accounting, then leave.”  That is not appealing to any firm. After the discussion, the student should ask for a business card and thank the recruiter for their time.

After the Event

Post-event follow-up is one of the most critical steps in the recruitment process. Students seeking internships or full-time positions are urged to pursue opportunities actively. Employers want to know that the student is excited about their firm and the internship or position being offered. Sending a “thank you” email with an attached resume, applying for positions, and informing recruiters of the application are essential steps. Persistent follow-up, especially if there’s no initial response, is recommended, considering recruiters’ frequently travel during college recruiting season.

The information provided is intended for all college students, irrespective of their academic year. Implementing these insights can contribute to the success of career fairs, fostering new relationships with long-term career potential.

For students eager to explore opportunities with McKonly & Asbury, it’s worth noting that our firm is continuously seeking talented individuals to join our team. We invite interested candidates to visit our website for a comprehensive list of current openings across various departments. Additionally, for inquiries or to submit applications, please feel free to reach out to our Director of Talent Acquisition and Retention. We’re excited to connect with driven individuals who are passionate about building rewarding careers in accounting and beyond.

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Holly Feltenberger

Holly joined McKonly & Asbury in December of 2022 and is currently the Director of Talent Acquisition & Retention. Holly is a professional in recruiting with more than 20 years of experience, specifically surrounding the accoun… Read more

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