The Interim Final Rule: Breaking down business legislation in a way that we can all understand.

The Interim Final Rule podcast was born out of the CARES Act, as our hosts led a series of webinars on the ever-changing rules and regulations. Mark Heath and David Blain took the oftentimes overwhelming and innumerable changes and provided our clients and communities with practical takeaways they needed to know.

Listen in as our hosts continue to provide business owners with explanations beyond the CARES Act, providing practical application of the latest regulations and developments in the accounting and finance space with commentary along the way!

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Meet Our Hosts

Mark Heath is Partner and Director of Tax Services at McKonly & Asbury, providing strategic tax compliance and advisory services to our clients. David Blain is Partner and Director of Entrepreneurial Services at McKonly & Asbury, providing emerging and small businesses with outsourced accounting solutions.

Together, they are passionate about serving as a resource for business and organization leaders, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to navigate today’s business landscape.

The Interim Final Rule – Episode 4

In this episode, Mark and David sit down with guests from Dale Carnegie – Joe Hart, President and CEO and Carla Doyle, Partner with Dale Carnegie Mid-Atlantic – to continue a discussion around Leadership Strategies for Building a Positive Workplace Culture.

McKonly & Asbury hosted a webinar on March 17, 2021 where Joe spoke to attendees about how performance has been impacted by the crises of 2020 and the four strategies that can help their organization improve collaboration, innovation, and organizational agility in the post-pandemic recovery (if you missed it, click here to view the recorded presentation).

This episode follows that webinar to further explore the topics discussed, and to learn more about Joe and what Dale Carnegie has meant to him, both personally and professionally.

The Interim Final Rule – Episode 3

In this episode, Mark and David sit down with guests from Paytime, Inc. – Chris Haverstick, Sales Manager; Dale Chwastyk, COO; and Katie Westenberger, Vice President of HCM Operations – to discuss the Employee Retention Credit (ERC). Listen in as our guest speakers give insight into what they are seeing including filing requirements, coordination with payroll costs for the PPP and ERC, and how to get the maximum benefit.

The Interim Final Rule – Episode 2

In this episode, Mark and David sit down with guests from LINKBANKBrent Smith, President and Cheryl Howard, Regional President – to discuss what Paycheck Protection Program borrowers need to know from the bank’s perspective. Listen in as Brent and Cheryl give insight into the process, pitfalls, PPP2, forgiveness, and more.

The Interim Final Rule – Episode 1

In our first episode, Mark and David discuss the Interim Final Rule related to Paycheck Protection Program Loans, SBA Loans and what we’ve learned along the way, as well as guidance issued on the payroll tax deferral and what to make of it.

The views expressed on “The Interim Final Rule” are those of the presenters, and do not necessarily reflect the views of McKonly & Asbury. This podcast is intended for informational and educational purposes only, and is not intended as tax or accounting advice or as a solicitation or recommendation. Consult with your McKonly & Asbury professional or other trusted professional should you have questions regarding your specific situation.