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Manufacturing Industry: On-Demand Labor with Veryable

The labor shortage in the manufacturing industry has made employers think out of the box when looking to keep manufacturing levels where they need to be. Companies are looking at options that include labor intelligence in order to optimize production. One potential solution is Veryable which provides access to an on-demand labor force that is easy to tap into.

  • On-demand labor
    • Currently in order to meet spikes in demand manufactures have to have employees on hand. This drives up overall costs of the work force because the extra capacity isn’t always needed.
    • However, if companies are not adequately staffed during demand spikes, then overtime costs can increase dramatically as well as burn out.
  • Veryable connects businesses to workers through their online marketplace.
    • Allows a real-time approach to production
    • Gives workers more options in the marketplace
    • Gives flexibility and control to leaders on the shop floor
  • What makes Veryable different?
    • Fast – Their platform enables you to connect with workers faster so you can find labor when you need it — and only when you need it.
    • Match labor to work – Their vision for manufacturing is for businesses to match their labor to the work, not the other way around.
    • Just-in-time – enables just-in-time response to demand and more efficient production.

In the traditional model graphed to the left we see labor remains relatively stagnate as demand changes. As noted above this leads to increased costs and overtime. However, when manufacturers partner with a company like Veryable that puts them in contact with on-demand labor you get the graph to the right. Due to the on-demand aspect of contracting labor through Veryable’s marketplace, companies can match their labor needs to their demand.

  • Real Results
    • 38% increase in productivity
    • 10% On-time dispatch rate improvement
    • 15% Overtime reduction
  • How to get started? 4 Steps
    • Download the Veryable Mobile APP and create user profile
      • Workers will be able to see the opportunities available to them in the app including:
      • Rate of pay
      • The date and time a worker is needed
      • Distance from users’ home
  • Complete Operator Profile – if interested in bidding on work
  • Background check
    • Sign up for Vault account
    • Complete W9 form
  • Choose your work – Bid on OPS you fit well with. Veryable offers guidance on jobs that fit well with workers’ current skill set.
  • Complete work and get paid
    • When you bid on an OP you are telling the business you are willing to work at the specified rate and times.
    • Once you’ve completed an OP the money is deposited into your Vault account the very next day.
    • As an independent contractor workers can work as much as they like and experience work with different companies
  • Operator ratings
    • Performance
    • Safety
    • Attitude
      • You are rated 1 to 5 stars on the categories above and the three categories combined give you an overall rating of 1-5 stars. Your ratings will go towards making yourself more desirable when Bidding on future Ops and will become a part of your Veryable Resume. Having a higher rating will make you more attractive to businesses when placing your Bids. 4 and 5-star Operators have the highest acceptance rates among Operators.
    • Operators who withdrawal within 4 hours of the Op’s start time will receive a 1-star rating
    • Ratings are posted on the Operators profile. Low ratings could affect their chances of their bid being accepted.

For additional discussion over the Manufacturing industry and the labor challenges it has faced please refer to this recent blog post. We will continue to monitor the challenges and opportunities that emerge over the coming months and discuss the industry’s responses in future posts. For more information regarding our manufacturing experience, be sure to visit our Manufacturing Services page and don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of our manufacturing team.

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