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HiTrust CSF Certification – Baltimore (MD)

HiTrust CSF – Baltimore (MD)


Baltimore and Maryland healthcare companies must protect sensitive patient data from cybercriminals, especially concerning Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI). Ensuring the organization has the proper cybersecurity controls, processes, and protections to maintain compliance with HIPAA and other regulations is imperative. In fact, many healthcare payers require hospitals, medical practices, and third-party affiliates to receive HiTrust CSF certification before doing business with them. The comprehensive nature of HiTrust CSF allows enterprises to meet the multiple compliance requirements of various data protection and risk management standards. For this reason, it is crucial to work with an experienced provider to drive the process.

Maryland HiTrust Experience

McKonly & Asbury provides HiTrust CSF certifications to healthcare organizations and third-party vendors in Baltimore and Maryland. Typically, we work with any company that creates, accesses, stores, or exchanges PHI. This includes hospitals, general medical practices, urgent care centers, insurance companies, pharmacies, healthcare vendors, and specialized physician offices. Our diverse range of experience permits us to understand the company more quickly: it is risk profile, areas of exposure, and important testing variables.

Baltimore Hi-Trust Certification

Our team of dedicated cybersecurity professionals has extensive knowledge and experience in identifying cybersecurity risks. We approach each engagement with the client’s specific needs in mind, creating strategic solutions to counteract risk. Through every phase, McKonly & Asbury works closely with your organization to determine the appropriate scope and expectations, helping to position you for an optimal outcome in the final assessment.

Industry Involvement

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About the Baltimore Healthcare Community

Baltimore, Maryland, stands as a beacon of healthcare innovation and service, with a rich history and a future oriented towards advancing medical science and patient care. Nestled within this bustling city are institutions that have pioneered breakthroughs and provided compassionate care for centuries, making it a crucial node in the healthcare network of the United States.

At the heart of Baltimore’s healthcare community is the Johns Hopkins Hospital, founded in 1889, which has become synonymous with medical excellence and innovation. This institution not only delivers comprehensive patient care but also drives advancements in medical research, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in medicine and public health. Its affiliated Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is a leader in medical education, shaping the next generation of healthcare professionals with a blend of rigorous training, research, and a commitment to patient-centered care.

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McKonly & Asbury provides HiTrust Assessment and Certification services to Philadelphia and Pennsylvania companies from our Pennslyvania offices. To learn how we can assist your organization, complete the form below, and a team member will follow up promptly.

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