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COLLABORATE! 2024! Keynote Speakers

McKonly & Asbury’s signature event, COLLABORATE! 2024 is just around the corner and we could not be more excited! Our firm is not only celebrating 50 years, but 2024 will also be the 10th year we host COLLABORATE! This all-day conference is scheduled for Thursday, May 2, 2024, at the Penn Harris Hotel in Camp Hill.

Three dynamic keynote speakers will provide attendees with inspiration, team takeaways, and economic insights. 

Morning Keynote: Robyn Benincasa, World Champion Adventure Racer; 3x Guinness World Record Endurance Kayaker; Full-Time Firefighter; New York Times Bestselling Author

Robyn’s keynote, Adapt, Overcome, and Win as One! will excite attendees as she tackles the idea of how we respond to change.

Get Ready to Win YOUR Most Challenging Races… Add the Inspirational Force of Leadership and Performance to Your Next Event!

If there’s one thing we can all be certain of right now, it’s that change is the only thing that’s going to stay the same. It’s our response to that change that dictates our success. So how do we as leaders inspire the kind of mindset and build the kind of teams that drive our organizations to adapt, overcome and win as ONE in the face of times of extreme challenge and change?

This unique and fast-paced multimedia keynote is inspired by a Fast Company Magazine feature story entitled “Extreme Teamwork” about Robyn’s World Champion Adventure Racing team. Robyn shares the Secrets to Extreme Teamwork that allowed her team to be the most prolific and consistent World Champions in the sport, lessons that are easily applied to the adventures in our business lives. Their team culture of innovation, visionary creativity, relentless lead building, and embracing calculated risk as a strategy for success made them one of the most exciting and successful teams in the history of adventure sports, and in Robyn’s Adapt, Overcome, and Win as One keynote, she shares the mindset and strategies that created their consistent breakthrough performance.

Mid-day Keynote: David Osborne, Executive Consultant, F2F Trainer, Digital Team Facilitator & Producer with Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc.

David’s keynote, The Accountability Advantage: Coaching for Success will provide actionable takeaways attendees can implement as soon as they return to the office.

Right now, across all industries we are hearing about how rough the job market is. We’re hearing that we should be creating an environment where people want to be. We’re hearing we need to have opportunities available for people. Most of us might be thinking, “Yes, I’m hearing about WHAT I need to do and WHY. But HOW do I do it?” In this 1-hour keynote, David Osborne from Dale Carnegie will guide us through some fun and practical tools to help us lead, coach, and hold others accountable without creating resentment.

Afternoon Keynote: Dr. Anirban Basu

Dr. Basu’s will once again close the day with his keynote, The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly focusing on economic trends and expectations for 2024.

Has the Federal Reserve successfully engineered a soft landing?  Or, is the confluence of geopolitical conflict, a presidential election, rising consumer debt levels, and still high interest rates conspiring to produce economic downturn in 2024? It is difficult to know whether 2024 will be a good year – but one thing is clear – it will be a very interesting one. This presentation will supply in-depth analysis of major factors shaping economic outcomes, including interest rates, global conflict, wage dynamics, business confidence, and demographics. It will then turn toward a forecast for the coming year, highlighting the major risks that economic stakeholders will likely encounter.

More Information

Planning for COLLABORATE! is off to an exciting start. In addition to our keynote speakers, COLLABORATE! will continue its tradition of providing focused, highly informational breakout sessions. More information regarding COLLABORATE! sponsors, keynote speakers as well as an agenda will be forthcoming as we finalize plans. In the meantime, SAVE THE DATE for May 2, 2024!

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