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Apache Log4j Zero Day Threat

Over the last week, well known open-source software creator Apache was made aware of several critical vulnerabilities in their Log4j application that could affect upwards of hundreds of millions of devices. Apache, a nonprofit, provides free open-source software to a wide array of users. Their Log4j application, which is among the most widely used on the internet today, records user activity, behavior of applications and is used to collect data across networks, websites and other applications. As an open-source software, Log4j is baked into several widely used applications including Java which is a key component of the internet.

Log4j Threat

As companies race to implement patches, this vulnerability still remains a significant threat. According to the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), a hacker could remote into the device, network or website with Log4j installed and control it. CISA recommends reviewing Apache’s page for security vulnerabilities, applying patches immediately to any critical systems, internet facing systems and networked servers, conducting a security review to determine any other concerns that could be addressed and to contact CISA and the FBI if the system has been compromised. According to Checkpoint, at least 1.8 million attempts have been noted to try an exploit this vulnerability as of Wednesday, December 15th.

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