Business Valuation Services

McKonly & Asbury has an experienced and trusted group of business valuation advisors. Our team of certified business valuation specialists are experts in appraising privately owned businesses. McKonly & Asbury’s valuation group works exclusively as business valuation advisors and has provided hundreds of valuation opinions for entities of all sizes. Given our level of expertise, we are confident that we can accurately determine the value of any business or business interest, regardless of its size or complexity.

Our seasoned and respected valuation specialists focus on producing highly credible and defensible valuation opinions. Fittingly, our business appraisal reports have been accepted by the IRS, the Department of Labor, and reputable accounting and law firms. Our valuation reports are prepared in compliance with widely accepted business valuation standards.

We provide well-reasoned, thoroughly documented business appraisals for a variety of purposes. Our formal reports are used for estate planning and estate tax administration, employee stock ownership plans, litigation support, buying and selling businesses, buy-sell agreements, management buyouts, fair value financial reporting, purchase price allocations, business succession planning, and more.


Services We Provide

Estate Planning and Estate Tax Administration

Many of our business valuations/appraisals are used for estate planning and estate tax administration. These valuation reports are generally used to assist business owners and their advisors in filing gift and estate tax returns. With significant experience providing valuations for estate planning and administration, we have a thorough understanding of the regulatory environment and specific issues associated with these types of valuations.

When a business owner transfers a fractional business interest to a trust or to a family member, our valuation of the transferred interest is an essential part of the transaction. Business owners and their advisors rely on our valuation opinions to complete these transactions and to be compliant with IRS regulations. Throughout this process, we work diligently with business owners and their advisors (e.g. attorneys, accountants, consultants, wealth advisors, etc.) to ensure our valuation results are acceptable to the business owners, to their advisors, and to the IRS. We are often contacted directly by the advisors of business owners to perform valuations for estate planning and administration.

There is no business or estate that is too big or too complex for our level of valuation expertise. For estate planning and administration, we appraise a wide variety of business interests, including but not limited to the following:

  • Limited Partnership Interests
  • Interests in Closely Held Operating and Holding Companies
  • Minority, Controlling, Voting, and Non-Voting Interests
  • General Partnership Interests
  • Interests in Real Estate Holding Companies
  • Interests in Pass-through Entities
  • Interests in Limited Liability Companies

Litigation Support and Valuation Dispute Resolution

We are well versed in preparing and communicating dispute related valuation analyses. Our experts carefully consider all facts and circumstances relevant to each case, and we deliver services in an understandable way that is appreciated by our clients.

Valuation disagreements occur in connection with various situations, including shareholder disputes, marital dissolution, buy-sell agreement disputes, and more. When valuation disputes occur, attorneys and business owners rely on our reports and expertise to establish defensible valuation opinions and to achieve a fair resolution. During these engagements, we often work directly with opposing counsel and experts to achieve agreeable resolutions. However, when necessary, our experience and technical knowledge enables us to be highly effective at critiquing the opposing side’s valuation work and preparing attorneys for the cross examination of opposing experts.

Our valuation conclusions for litigation support and dispute resolutions are presented through well-reasoned and defensible reports, along with visual aids and effective expert testimony when necessary. Our professionals have testified in numerous state and local courts. We have the experience and skills necessary to assist in the following areas:

  • Litigation Support and Valuation Dispute Resolution
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Minority & Shareholder Disputes
  • Family Law/Marital Dissolution Litigation Support
  • Buy-Sell Agreement Disputes
  • Buy-Sell Agreement Consulting
  • Post-Acquisition Disputes

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