Work-Life Balance

We understand the importance of and encourage a balance between professional, family, and personal life; therefore, have instituted a policy of year-round flex time. Because the partners are committed to maintaining a friendly professional atmosphere and providing a balance with personal and family priorities, we conduct bi-monthly confidential surveys which allow staff members to offer their insight on a variety of topics relevant to the firm. The partners strongly consider the recommendations generated during the staff feedback process. Policy changes, such as parental leave for men as well as women, our sharp casual dress code, and personal time off policies, are a direct result of staff feedback.

Our leadership team recognizes the recent shift in the way we think about work, and has pivoted accordingly by offering employees in-office, hybrid, and remote options. We understand everyone has unique circumstances and we strive to find the best balance between providing our clients superior service and the best work environment for our employees.

Additionally, we believe in giving back to the community and continuously providing opportunities and assistance for our staff, and our firm as a whole, to get involved in community service and development projects. Many of our staff members serve on boards or committees throughout our community.

We regularly celebrate our firm’s victories and achievements. Every year we have an “After Tax Day Off” to relax and celebrate another season of success. Our firm’s PEP Squad regularly organizes other events, both in and out of our offices, to benefit our employees and also their families. Some of the things we do include an annual holiday party, summer picnic, sporting event outings, and treating the office to ice cream.

Employee Engagement

Our employees have many opportunities to work on teams with their coworkers and to become more involved with the inner workings of the Firm. We encourage our staff to participate in committees and to be involved in other firm efforts to ensure that their voices are heard and to help foster relationships among our team. A sampling of our Firm committees includes the Wellness Committee, the Service Committee, PEP Squad and DE&I Committee.

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