Sales Tax Filing Services

Our team has the capacity and knowledge to assist clients with the following sales and use tax compliance needs through our State and Local Tax practice.

  • State Registrations –Complete state sales tax, income tax and other applicable payroll tax registrations. 
  • Portal Set Up – Provide assistance with establishing client specific portals in various states and/or linking sales tax accounts to previously established accounts providing a unified client portal. 
  • Notifications – Prepare monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and/or annual reminders for clients. Specifically, we contact clients, based upon their filing frequency, in advance of their reporting deadline to remind them to provide their sales tax data. This information will be used in the preparation of their sales and use tax return.
  • QuickBooks Assistance – Ability to serve both QuickBooks Online (QBO) and QuickBooks desktop (QBD) accounts. Our team can both directly access QBO or remote into QBD, including other general ledger (GL) packages, and pull the required sales tax data to prepare the corresponding tax return. Additionally, we would obtain client review and approval, provide applicable payment summaries and prepare journal entries directly into the GL system while recognizing any applicable earned sales tax discounts.  We also have the ability to accurately set up and establish a client’s product list for invoicing purposes in QuickBooks.
  • Templates – Build client templates to assist in rate calculations based on state or local jurisdiction codes. 
  • Avalara Implementation – We assist clients with oversight of the dashboard and filing of the respective tax returns.  Additionally, we prepare a cost benefit analysis identifying whether implementing a third party software was beneficial, based on current return preparation time and overall sales volume.

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