Entrepreneurial Support & Client Accounting

Entrepreneurial Client Onboarding Questionnaire

In order to help us serve you better, please take a moment to fill out the onboarding questionnaire below.

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    1. What is the name of your company?

    2. What form of entity is your company?

    3. How many years have you been in business?

    4. Do you currently use Quickbooks?

    5. If yes, do you use Quickbooks...

    6. Which lending institutions are you partnered with? Please include banking and credit.

    7. Annual sales volume (in US dollars)

    8. Briefly describe your current business goals, and why you are considering outsourcing your back office functions.

    9. Briefly describe how you run and review your financial reporting today - what reports do you produce, how often, etc.

    10. What financial information would you like to have that your current process or system does not provide?

    11. Are you or someone on your team comfortable scanning documents and attaching them to email or uploading to a portal on a regular basis?

    12. Are you or someone on your team comfortable with basic Excel functions?

    13. Briefly describe how you currently update QB for customer billings.

    14. How many active customers do you have?

    15. What are the average number of customer invoices per month?

    16. What are the average number of customer checks received per month?

    17. What are the average number of customer credit card payments per month?

    18. Briefly describe how you bill your customers today.

    19. Briefly describe how you currently apply payments to customer accounts in Quickbooks.

    20. Who is your credit card processor?

    21. How many employees do you have?

    22. Provide a summary of employee count by title.

    23. Do you utilize a 3rd party payroll provider?

    24. If yes, what is the name of the vendor and describe how you enter the payroll data into Quickbooks?

    25. If no, describe how you process payroll and payroll taxes.

    26. How do you track payroll hours?

    27. Do you utilize a temporary employment agency?

    28. Briefly describe any commission or bonus structure.

    29. Briefly summarize your employee benefits (401k, Health Insurance, Vacation, etc.).

    30. How do you track vacation/PTO time earned and used?

    31. Approximately how many vendor invoices do you process per month?

    32. Describe how you control and record expenses paid via company credit cards.

    33. What credit card company do you use to pay expenses?

    34. At what level of detail do you post credit card transactions?

    35. Do you utilize the Quickbooks Bank feed to record credit card expense?

    36. Briefly describe any loans, leases, notes payable or mortgages.

    37. Do you pay any vendors via:

    38. If you track inventory, briefly describe.

    39. How often do you currently reconcile your bank accounts?

    40. How many locations to you operate?.

    41. Please provide any other data that you think may be relevant, as well as any questions or concerns you may have.