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Income Tax Filing Deadline extended to July 15

The Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, has announced that the deadline for filing and payment with Federal income tax returns has been moved to July 15th. This is an important detail as it eliminates the need for any U.S. taxpayer to file anything on or before April 15th.

To recap the tax developments for the previous few days:

  • 2019 Individual Federal Income Tax Returns are now due July 15th.
  • 2019 Federal Individual Income Tax Payments are now not due until July 15th.
  • 2020 1st Quarter Individual Income Estimated Tax Payments are now due July 15th.
  • 2020 2nd Quarter Individual Income Estimated Tax Payments have NOT been mentioned, and are presumably still due June 15, 2020.
  • If you are due a refund – do your best to get your return filed as soon as possible.

There has not been word yet of clarification from the Pennsylvania Treasury, but Pa. Stat. Ann. § 7330 (§ 330)(a) states in part that:

On or before the date when the taxpayer’s Federal income tax return is due or would be due if the taxpayer were required to file a Federal income tax return, under the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, a tax return under this article shall be made and filed by or for every taxpayer having income for the taxable year.

By default, PA’s due date for individual income tax returns should now be due July 15th – along with the time for payment of 2019 tax liabilities, as the time for payment of tax is with the filing of the return according to PA rules.

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