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Preparing to Sell? Topics and Tips for a Successful Transition

This webinar was geared to those in the process of business transition. Whether looking to sell your business, transition your business to a future generation or expand your business through acquisition, this webinar focused on key concepts from a financial and tax structure that all business owners should consider in advance of any business related transition. The webinar will focus on matters of:

  1. Preliminary planning and preparation for transition
  2. Understanding business value
  3. Tax consequences and tax structuring matters
  4. Pitfalls to avoid and be aware of
  5. Other unintended consequences

During this webinar, attendees gained:

  1. Valuable insight into the transaction process from start to finish
  2. A more in-depth understanding of how value is determined in a business and what ultimately creates value.
  3. An understanding of the different types of tax structures and models that could be available to those either buying or selling their business.
  4. A general business understanding of the impacts of transitional issues.

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