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February 24 Webinar: Human Resources Compliance 2022

While 2021 is behind us, the lasting and ongoing effects of the pandemic on workplace safety, hiring, employee productivity, and HR compliance remain. The effects of the pandemic, coupled with the Great Resignation and changing legal landscape continue to pose multiple challenges for employers. As we monitor the latest news and updates, McKonly & Asbury’s Human Resources Director Suzanne Sentman is excited to once again partner with Rick Hackman, Esq. from Saxton & Stump to bring you information on HR Compliance Trends to watch for in 2022.

Attendees of this McKonly & Asbury Webinar will gain insight into the following:

  • Workplace safety concerns for employers including whether to mandate the vaccine. Due to the recent Supreme Court ruling, OSHA is withdrawing the vaccination and testing ETS as an enforceable emergency temporary standard but it is not withdrawing the ETS as a proposed rule. The agency stated it will prioritize its resources to focus on finalizing a permanent COVID-19 Healthcare Standard. Employers will need to monitor this evolving legal landscape as they balance the needs of the business against the continued safety of their employees.
  • Remote workplace and hiring issues covering non-competes, confidentiality, concern over applicable state laws. The remote environment has created a whole host of issues for employers to consider including confusion over which state laws apply.
  • Practical compliance steps employers can take in this challenging environment as they respond to staffing constraints.


Thursday, February 24 at 2 PM EST


This free, one hour-long webinar will take place on Thursday, February 24 at 2:00 p.m. EST. The level for this webinar is intermediate and there are no prerequisites for attending. This program is a live webinar which offers the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the presenters. This program is a live webinar which offers the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the presenters.

We look forward to you joining us for this webinar! Remember to visit our events page which contains details on all upcoming and past events.

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